Get Rid of Your Bird Problem for Good

Get Rid of Your Bird Problem for Good

Rely on us for bird removal services in the Glen Burnie, Bowie & Annapolis, MD area

Tired of waking up to chirping or scratching sounds coming from your chimney, vents or soffits? You can count on DMV Wildlife & Pest Solutions LLC for help. We provide bird removal services to homeowners across Glen Burnie, Bowie & Annapolis, MD and surrounding areas.

We handle full exclusion work. Not only will we trap and remove the bird, but we will clean and sanitize the area as well as seal and repair the entry point, usually by means of installing a dryer vent cap, chimney cap or leaf gutter guards, so another bird cannot get back into your house.

Don't let a bird family disrupt your sleep. Contact us today to schedule bird nest removal services.

Rely on a local bird removal specialist

If you have a bird problem at your home in the Glen Burnie, Bowie & Annapolis, MD area, don’t wait around for the critters to fly the coop. Get the bird removal services you need fast. The birds in your attic can:

  • Spread disease: Many birds carry nasty contaminants like Salmonella and Lyme disease.
  • Cause fire hazards: Bird nests can block chimneys and vents.
  • Damage your home: Bird droppings are corrosive and can eat away at your paint.

Put a stop to your bird infestation. Call DMV Wildlife & Pest Solutions at 410-412-6020 today to arrange for bird nest removal services.